CODEL Model 1010 Cross Duct CO

CODEL Model 1010 Cross Duct CO

Process Monitoring

Cross-Duct CO Analyzer

The CODEL 1010 analyzer may be used as a complete standalone monitor or as part of an integrated emission monitoring, logging, and reporting system. The instrument is particularly suited to large/dirty processes.

Product Applications
  • CO Monitoring For Safety
  • CO Measurement for Process
  • Gas Boilers
  • Gas Turbines
  • Gas Processes

Great New Features
  • Highly efficient air purges for minimal lens contamination
  • Automatic on-line zero calibration using integral reference gas cell
  • Real-time normalization to standard reference conditions
  • Low maintenance - only simple, infrequent checks to windows are required
  • Data presentation in ppm, mg/m3 or mg/Nm3

The Model 1010 is a single channel cross-duct analyzer for the measurement of CO. It uses an infrared transmitter to project a beam of light across the duct to a receiver mounted opposite. The light beam is tuned to a specific wavelength where the CO molecules absorb the light energy but there is no interference from water vapor and other gases. Gas filter correlation (GFC) is used to isolate the interference of dust particulates and by using high-efficiency air purges the optical surfaces are protected from contamination.

MonSol CODEL Model 1010 Cross Duct CO
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