CODEL EnergyTech 101/102

CODEL EnergyTech 101/102

Process Monitoring

Opacity Monitor

A low-cost opacity monitor used for non-compliant applications. 

Product Applications
  • Anywhere opacity needs to be measured in a non-compliant manner.
  • Ducts & Stacks
  • Process Monitoring

Great New Features
  • Simple installation
  • High reliability
  • Low maintenance
  • Proven technology
  • Cost-effective

A perfect instrument for measuring opacity where EPA compliance is not required.  Can be used on dual ducts into a single stack to indicate which unit is firing poorly, or any other application where excess opacity condition alert is useful.

Single Pass Transmissometer
The EnergyTech 101/102 Opacity Monitors consist of a visible light transmitter and receiver arrangement with digital data processing in a local display unit. The monitors can display data in either opacity, extinction or dust density in mg/m3 or normalized dust density in mg/Nm3.

The EnergyTech 101/102 possesses four analog inputs for normalization data; temperature, oxygen, pressure and water vapor.

MonSol CODEL EnergyTech 101/102
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