Durag D-R 290

Durag D-R 290

Compliance Monitoring

Optical opacity / Dust monitor

The new generation D-R 290 - Reliable measurements for medium to high concentrations.

Product Applications
  • Coal and Fuel-Oil Fire Plants
  • Incineration Plants
  • Power Plants
  • Cement Plants
  • Wood Plants
  • Asphalt Plants
  • Any combustion process that creates smoke

Great New Features
  • Continuous and contactless measurement
  • Extremely powerful and stable LED light source
  • New SMD electronics with digital Modbus RTU interface
  • Convenient operation with remote access option
  • Extremely low-maintenance

The D-R 290 is the easiest opacity unit on the market today to use and maintain. It's Super Wide Band Diode (SWBD) light technology allows for virtually no drift. The D-R 290 does not require any zero or span calibration adjustments. All that's necessary to keep it running smoothly is cleaning of the lens and mirrors and replacement of the blower filters (both typically done quarterly).

The standard D-R 290 package comes equipped with a transceiver, reflector, stack controller, remote controller, dual blowers and weatherproof housing. A jig is built-in for quarterly filter audits eliminating the need for any extra equipment on the stack. Measures stacks and duct up to 39.4 feet (measurement path length).

MonSol Durag D-R 290
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