Help with Dilution Probes serviceability


Help with Dilution Probes serviceability

This is a question that we get asked very often:
“…is there anything we can do about the weight and serviceability of our Dilution Probes?…”

Many existing Dilution Probes typically utilize a 4” pipe extension into the stack. This extension can be as much as 10’ in length and very heavy. This weight and other design issues causes a variety of problems:

1. Handling a heavy probe a couple of hundred feet up on a stack becomes a safety issue. Typically it takes two strong people to remove and install it, and often times there’s just enough room for one.
2. With positive stack pressures, problems associated with sealing the probe can occur creating downtime and added maintenance costs.
3. Depending on your stack design, orifices are commonly broken during disassembly and service resulting in costly replacement.
4. Probe heater replacement is also costly in the existing probe designs.
The answer to these problems is an upgrade to Monitoring Solutions’ proprietary Probe design. The first and major part of the upgrade is replacement of the 4” pipe with a 2” pipe. This has no effect on the performance of the probe but makes a remarkable difference with regard to serviceability.

1. The weight of the probe will be reduced considerably (close to 50% of original weight). This reduction in weight and size will allow easier and safer handling and in many cases make it more conducive to a typical trolley systems’ clearance. Typical overall weight of a complete probe assembly including a 4”, 150 lb. mating flange is around 80 lbs. for a 10’ overall length probe.
2. This lighter weight probe design does not have problems associated with leaks due to the several gaskets utilized under current configurations.
3. An upgraded heater design lowers replacement costs from the $2,000-$4,500 range to less than $1,000.
4. The overall serviceability of the probe upgrade is much easier than current configurations. Depending on the stack gas environment, costly orifices may be getting broken during performance of quarterly service – this problem is also eliminated.

If you’ve been wrestling with your existing Dilution Probes’ weight and have been experiencing the cost issues associated with replacement heaters, broken orifices, and leaky seals, consider a probe upgrade to reduce these headaches. Complete replacement probes are also available in this configuration.
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