Novatech 1732 Oxygen Transmitter [ Oxygen Analyzers ]

Optimum Combustion Reduces Your Fuel Bill.

The 1732 is designed to be used with the 1230 and 1234 series of Novatech Oxygen probes.

The 1732 O2 Analyzer is a smart investment that soon pays for itself through fuel savings and reduced pollution:

Ideal for:

  • Boilers
  • Furnaces
  • Ovens
  • Incinerators
  • Kilns
  • and more.

Without accurate oxygen monitoring, there is a likelihood of excess energy being used to heat air simply disappearing through the stack.   If too little air is used in the combustion process, dangerous fuel-rich flue gases are generated.  Efficient combustion control requires continuous monitoring of oxygen.  In addition to the benefit of lowering fuel usage, there is also less pollution byproducts of inefficient combustion including CO, SO2, and NOx.

Novatech's unique standby O2 sensor feature prevents costly shutdowns or reduced plant output when a sensor failure occurs:

In the operation of boilers for electrical power generation, the failure of the O2 sensor requires that excess air be increased to 20% as a safety measure with consequent reduction in power output.  The solution to this is the 1732 Analyzer which accepts inputs from two O2 sensors, averaging the two readings.  In case of either one of the sensors failing, the other sensor can continue to operate at optimum efficiency.  In other applications, failure of the O2 sensor necessitates shutting down the plant causing costly interruptions to production.

The Novatech 1732 tells you what's happening:

Plant operators are alerted to failure of a sensor by a plain English message on the 1732's two-line LCD readout.  With two oxygen sensors connected to the 1732 Analyzer, the average of the two sensors can be displayed on the upper line and transmitted on the channel 1 output, while the channel 2 output can be configured to transmit other menu-selected variables including:

  • Probe EMF
  • Log O2
  • O2 deficiency
  • Linear O2
  • CO2
  • combustibles, stack temperature, etc.
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