MonSol Durag D-R 800 [ Particulate (PM) Monitoring ]

The most reliable and easy to use PM monitor on the market today.  

Monitoring Solutions is pleased offer the Durag D-R 800 PM Particulate Monitor.  The D-R 800 uses forward-scatter light technology.  It's a simple, easy to use Particulate Monitoring system designed to comply with EPA standards.  Most commonly used as a CPMS (Continuous Predictive Monitoring System), the D-R 800 offers a cost effective way to meet permit requirements. 

The D-R 800 offers significant advantages over other PM units - the biggest being that no laptop is required up on the stack to calibrate or maintain the unit.  This eliminates an expensive maintenance tool which can be easily damaged on a stack outdoors.  With minimal moving parts, the 800 offers high reliability.  Only one stack port is required and the D-R 800 will work in a variety of applications and stack/duct configurations.

And like all of our products, Monitoring Solutions stands behind the D-R 800 with complete service and support.  Our engineers review every system sold and provide a design package that includes drawings and O&M documentation.

+ Download .pdf Durag D-R 800 Literature