CEMS Analyzers [ CEMS (Continuous Emissions Monitoring Systems) ]

Monitoring Solutions is proud to offer a complete line of CEMS analyzers for upgrades and replacements.  For both dilution and extraction systems, we offer analyzers for the most common CEMS gases including: NOx, SO2, CO, CO2, O2, THC, NH3, and more.

Some of our most commonly used analyzers include:

  • California Analytical Instruments (CAI) Analyzers - Model 600IR for CO and CO2, Model 600 CLD for NOx, Model 600 HFID/MFID for THC
  • Brand-Gaus Analyzers - Model 7705 for NOx & Model 4705 for O2
  • Thermo Environmental Analyzers - Model 42i for NOx, Model 43i for SO2, Model 410i for CO2, Model 48i for CO
  • Servomex Analyzers for Oxygen

Other analyzers are available upon request (different gases and different manufacturers).

Along with offering the best analyzers on the market today, Monitoring Solutions will assist with on-site installation, start-up, and training of your new analyzer.  We also perform repairs on any analyzer we sell; both in-house and on-site .  Consumables and parts are stocked in our Indianapolis facility for quick turn-around.

Call 800-234-2934 or email sales@monsol.com for more information.