CEMDAS Evolution [ DAS (Data Acquisition System) ]

Are you looking for the most intuitively easy to use DAS on the market for your CEMS that is guaranteed to meet your permit recording and reporting requirements?

Look no further...CEMDAS Evolution is here!

CEMDAS Evolution is Monitoring Solutions' newest and most comprehensive Data Acquisition Software package for use with Continuous Emissions Monitoring Systems (CEMS).

Coupled with a PLC, the CEMDAS Evolution package is a powerful, user-friendly Windows-based system for monitoring, recording, and reporting stack emission information. 

CEMDAS Evolution is standard with every new Monitoring Solutions CEMS, and can also be added to existing CEMS as an upgrade.

  • Simple to use, easy to learn
  • Can be retrofitted to any CEMS
  • Uses Allen Bradley Compact Logix PLC (most common)
  • Can often utilize existing PLC's for upgrades
  • Guaranteed to meet permit needs and availability requirements
  • Free version upgrades for support contract customers

Great new FEATURES!

  • Email connectivity for reporting and sending alarms
  • Variety of user configurable reports and output formats including WORD, EXCEL and PDF
  • User configurable dashboard to see what you want to see, how you want to see it
  • VB.net programming language utilizing a SQL database and running in Windows 7

Guaranteed Results

Monitoring all CEM System operating parameters, CEMDAS Evolution provides a powerful tool for the collection of real time data, and the report generation necessary to comply with Federal, State, and Local requirements.  CEMDAS Evolution is guaranteed to provide all of the reports needed for meeting the requirements of an air permit.

+ Download .pdf CEMDAS Literature