CODEL Process and Tunnel Monitoring [ CODEL Process Monitors and Tunnel Monitoring ]

Monitoring Solutions is proud to be the exclusive North American Distributor for CODEL Process Monitoring and Tunnel Monitoring products. 

CODEL has a number of areas of expertise, including gas analyzers, dust monitors and flow monitors for large combustion processes such as power plants and cement manufacturing.  CODEL also produces a lower cost range of analyzers for small polluters such as foundries, biomass boilers and more.

CODEL also has a range of products for combustion efficiency including; extractive NOx analyzers and flow monitors for power station SCR's, SNCR's, and de-NOx plants, SO2 analyzers for flue gas desulphurization plants and CO analyzers for fire prevention in coal mills and silos.

CODEL’s other major area of expertise is in atmospheric tunnel monitoring where analyzers are used to monitor air pollutants and air flow to control the tunnel ventilation systems. CODEL is a major player in this area and has equipped over 500 tunnels worldwide.

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