Monitoring Solutions specializes in helping industry and government meet rapidly growing demands for air pollution monitoring and reporting due to changing regulatory requirements (i.e. 40CFRPart60 and 40CFRPart75) . We provide engineered solutions for process and environmental monitoring and reporting.

Formed in 1997 through a buyout of the CEMS division of Enviroplan, Monitoring Solutions is proud to have over 30 years of experience in the CEMS business. 

Many of our people came from Enviroplan and bring a combined total of over 200 years experience with CEMS. 

Involved with some of the first dilution and extraction systems ever built, our people offer the expertise to make sure our CEMS are the most reliable, accurate and easy to maintain products in the industry today.


Monitoring Solutions' has one of the largest installed bases in the United States. We supply both extractive and dilution based technology with our design operating at hundreds of facilities across the U.S. and overseas.

Monitoring Solutions has satisfied the environmental monitoring needs of clients throughout the world in the electric utility, ethanol, pharmaceutical, chemical, petroleum, independent power producer, steel, pulp & paper, and waste-to-energy industries, to name a few.

Many of our clients are repeat customers demonstrating our effectiveness in consistently satisfying their needs.

Service and Support Capabilities

Our system capabilities are backed up with the highest quality operational and maintenance support available. We can assist with service and maintenance contracts, parts, repairs, and training on just about any manufacturers' system. We also offer a complete array of stack monitoring and stack testing services including all EPA required audits and RATA testing.